The Best Shoe Odor Eliminator

After a few too many times of opening up dance bags and being taken aback by the horrible smell inside, it was apparent we needed something strong that would eliminate odors and bacteria without leaving its own strong lasting scent.
We all live extremely busy lives, and the odors inevitably build up. Once they appear, it can be incredibly difficult to eliminate them. We struggled with the same task too. We looked high and low for a deodorizer that would work on our gym bags and remove foot smell in our children’s shoes, but our search proved fruitless. Some products merely covered up the original odors, creating an even worse odor than before and others didn’t work at all.

We grew tired of searching for the perfect solution, so we decided it was time to create our own.

Our task was set:

  • Create an all-natural spray that would eliminate odors without leaving behind a lasting scent.
  • Create a deodorizer that would work on our kids’ smelly clothes and sports equipment.
  • Create a deodorizer that is lasting and effective.

Our small, four-person team created Odor Zapper—an all-natural, anti-fungal, deodorizing, antimicrobial and disinfecting spray. Available in five scents, OZ! made it possible for us to disinfect and deodorize everything we needed to, down to the odors our dogs left behind. We mixed specially selected essential oils with water that has received a reverse-osmosis treatment to create our spray.

Shake well. Spray. Wait. Smile.

Choose your favorite OZ! deodorizer sprays from our exclusive collection while supplies last.

*We love our pets too. The oils in these sprays are diluted to a non-harmful level, but it is always better safe than sorry.  Do not spray OZ! directly on your pets as cat’s livers are sensitive to peppermint, lemon, lavender, tea tree, melaleuca, cinnamon bark, wintergreen, thyme, birch and other oils containing phenol. Our Purify and Attack scents do not contain any of the above oils.

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