Welcome to our third, and final article that acts as a guide to buying your new pair of trainers. If you’ve been spritzing your current pair with our all-natural deodorizer and found no results after some time it might be time to get a new pair of tennis. No matter what, your trainers are going to reach the end of their lifespan around 400 to 500 miles of running around in them and they probably won’t be able to be salvaged as far as smell at that point. Invest in a new pair of running shoes and work the smelly shoe cure on them from the get-go so you can get the full amount of miles out of them without much trouble.

Running Shoe Features

Just like a car, there’ll be certain features that you should search for in a show right off the bat. These features are often sectioned off by the portion of the shoe you’re looking at like the midsole, outsole or uppers. For your uppers there’s synthetic leather that will break in quickly and dry fast then there’s nylon and nylon mesh that is used to reduce weight and increase breathability. You’ll find TPU and waterproof or breathable materials as well that look more like membranes and are meant to wick away the moisture as it occurs. This will help quite a bit with reducing your foot odor for longer.

What You’ll Want From A Midsole

There’s a variety of features that will make your running experience better or worse depending on your preference. For example, some like EVA in the midsole to cushion their arch as the run. You’ll find variation in the various densities of this foam in the arch that will make it firmer or more flexible. You’ll also find posts which will help with whichever way you pronate. They’ll often appear as firmer forms of EVAs that add a harder to compress a section of the shoe to train your gait to be more neutrally pronated. You’ll find these in stability shoes mostly. You can even create a preference for the types of plates in your shoe. You’ll know them as a piece of foam at the forefront of the shoe that will stiffen at impact. Generally, these are great for trail runners that will protect your foot from odd obstructions in your path that you don’t take note of right away.

Choosing The Outsoles

Depending on the category of shoe you choose, you’ll find various outer sole options to choose from. Apart from heel to toe drop which we explained in a previous article, there’s also a heel counter to consider. This is the rigid structure around the heel that protects your heel from feeling that impact. At times, a trainer will have added support via a heel wedge that’s placed to add extra protection. This is often best for folks who have some trouble with their Achilles tendon while performing physical activity. You could find a shoe with a torsion bar, additionally, if you’re hoping for even more pronation training apart from the midsole posts and plates.

Shop Our All Natural Deodorizer

Part of running is being one with natural elements, thus our all natural deodorizer won’t detract from that experience. Instead, you can bring natural harmonizing scents into your home and freshen up your sneakers in the process. Our smelly shoe cure will easily alleviate the odor coming from your stinky gym clothes so you can enjoy your runs without worrying about the smell afterward.