As an athlete, your main tool is your pair of running shoes. Ensuring that you have a solid base to work on for your shoes is the same as an artist with a properly stretched canvas in that the rest is up to you. Don’t let a bad shoe limit your performance potential.

The Odor Zapper Guide

Odor Zapper cares about our customers, including the athletes that use our products to make their favorite pair of tennies last as long as possible. But when your deodorizing spray suddenly isn’t enough to keep your sushi foot at bay, you’ll have to invest in a new pair of running shoes and potentially risk getting the wrong pair that could harm the fluidity of your gait and potentially the impact on your knees. Thus, we’ve compiled a guide to help you navigate the new running shoe process so that you can keep running and keep that steady flow of daily endorphins in your bloodstream.

Buying Your New Running Shoes

The truth is that it’s really hard to tell if a running shoe is any good if you’re just trying it on in the store as they’ll all likely feel pretty great with some slight variation. The ideal shoe can be found through scientific applications and the basic understandings of the physics of your run and how the show will support you. Although we mainly specialize in the chemistry that led us to creating our smelly shoe cure OZ, we figure we can reasonably dabble in the application of physical science. There are a couple of determining factors when you’re choosing a new shoe that you should keep in mind and do your research with:

  • What is your running style?
  • How much do you run?
  • What category of shoe suits your needs?

On average, your next pair of running shoes is going to last anywhere between 400 to 500 miles of running. Apart from the smelly shoe odor they might accumulate during that time, you’ll want to look at how much the different portions of the soles are compressed. Based off of that knowledge you can start to determine if making your running shoes last is the best option, or if you’ll have a better time running if you’re in a new pair. Some activities will, obviously, change how this affects you.

Finding Your Category of Shoe

It’s important to keep in mind that just because your previous pair of shoes was from a certain brand doesn’t necessarily mean you should center all of your loyalty around them. The most frustrating thing for most runners is the shoe they got the last time they went shopping is nowhere to be found now. As we stated previously, that doesn’t mean that your previous brand is going to guarantee something similar. There are three types of running shoes that will help you narrow down your needs and find a pair that will serve you best. When you walk into the athletic store you’ll find road running shoes, trail running shoes and cross training shoes. Road running tennies are specifically designed for pavement and sometimes packed earth or other surfaces. You’ll find that their chief characteristic is that they’re light and flexible because they’re made to stop your foot from wobbling with each impact as well as cushion each fall of the foot on a hard surface. Their opposites are obviously the trail running shoes that are made to withstand mud, roots and all sorts of obstacles that you’ll find on a trail. They often feature a pretty impressive tread that’s meant to enhance the amount of traction you can get from them. The sole will be thick because their chief purpose is to provide stability and extra support, including protection from what is underfoot. The separate option is the cross training shoe. They’re only called cross training because that’s the newest gym craze but, in short, they’re made for gym workouts. They provide a certain balance that is mainly due to the close connection to the ground they’ll provide you, while also offering support.

Look for Odor Zapper’s Continued Guide

If you’re getting ready to invest in a new pair of running shoes watch out for our next blog. We understand that having foul smelling workout equipment can both be embarrassing and obnoxious around the house. Shop our all natural deodorizer online to make sure that your running shoes and work out equipment stay smelling great past for all 500 miles that they’re supposed to last. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.