Welcome back to Odor Zapper’s blog! If you caught our previous entry that focused on making your shoes last longer, we’re here to expand on that list of tips and tricks. While water and weatherproofing are fairly straightforward, there’s a whole host of variables that can knock your shoes off their game pretty quickly. Learning how to combat those as they jump out of the box is essentially the key to making sure that pair of shoes you spent $300 on will last the next 10 years.

Take Care of Your Boots

Apart from waterproofing your boots, there are a couple of other things that can help your fall and winter weather shoes last a couple of seasons. Keep your winter boots stored during the warmer months with boot trees inside, or stuff newspapers inside — this will keep the leather from creasing and losing its shape as the time passes. Keep them away from touching other shoes when you store them so that you don’t get any unwanted color bleed between pairs.

Be Mindful Of the Rotation

The best way to keep your shoes lasting longer than average is to get a really decent rotation going. Once you’ve got several pairs that you’re wearing off and on and you’re not relying on that one pair of your favorites you’ll be able to keep each pair lasting longer than you’d ever expected.

Invest in Some Polish

If you’re ready to invest in some essential oil sprays to keep your shoes from getting stinky, you might consider what your shoes evoke for the other senses, such as sight. If you have a pair of really high-end leather shoes, or your husband does, you might consider investing in some polish and conditioning products to keep them looking sharp constantly. We recommend using cream polish because wax tends to dry the leather out over the course of too many uses. Investing in an occasional trip to the cobbler might be a good idea too, as it’s doubtful you’ll have to pay too much money since you’re not having them put a whole new sole on the shoe.

Remove Salt Stains

Salt stains are those cloudy white bits that will start to discolor your leather shoes over time. Luckily, we have a pretty decent remedy for that: one part vinegar and three parts water. Mix up the solution in a bowl and apply it to the salt stains with a paper towel. You can let the shoe dry naturally inside your home and away from harsh lights, then they’ll be all set to use tomorrow.

Keep Your Odor At Bay

If you have feet, they probably get stinky from time to time. The worst part though? Sometimes that odor seemingly seeps into the very fiber of your favorite pair of shoes. The best way to combat this is to take control of your shoes from the get-go. Start by ordering a bottle of the awe-inspiring way to get rid of smelly shoe smell: Odor Zapper. With a wide variety of awesome scents, you can purchase a variety pack, locate your favorite scent and then purchase them wholesale from us. Our products are created with all-natural essential oils and are totally capable of zapping the odor out of your shoes. We’re confident that our smelly shoe remedy will keep your shoes on your feet and out of the Goodwill for as long as humanly possible. Shop our products now.