Shoes are truly a key part of your wardrobe in more ways than the obvious one. Yes, they are the barrier between your feet and everything lingering on the pavement, but they’re also a style statement, they can make your day extra comfortable or extra uncomfortable, and they’re known for differentiating us among our peers. If you’re curious as to what a pair of shoes can do for your athletic prowess, check out our guide to finding the perfect running shoe from our previous blogs. But what do you do when that perfectly broken-in pair of running shoes start to stink like your dog’s butt? Panic? Of course not. You can always use odor zapper to beat back the bad odor in your shoes, but taking extra precautions to ensure that your sneakers and other shoes (like your favorite pair of leather flats) survive at least past the one year mark certainly wouldn’t hurt. So what can you do besides purchase a bottle of smelly shoe cure to keep the ever-turning hand of the clock from taking your shoes away from you too fast? We have a few tricks up our sleeves.

You Can’t Beat The Weather

Unfortunately, when it rains it pours and that means you probably shouldn’t wear your favorite pair of shoes out into the middle of that beating, relentless rain. If it’s supposed to rain or snow that day, don’t choose that particular day to try out your brand new set of leather flats, fresh out of the box. That goes for your pumps, your husband’s fresh oxfords or any other shoe that doesn’t look really waterproof. Wear the appropriate footwear instead, even if it ruins your outfit. Believe us — it’s worth keeping your new favorite pair of shoes in good condition. If for any reason you get caught in a spot of unexpected weather, merely take off all the excess moisture that you can and stuff the shoe full of newspapers or plastic bags to help them keep their shape. Don’t put them near a heat source. When the materials of your shoe are wet they’re pretty vulnerable to heat sources and the damage they could do.

Waterproof Your Favorites

That pair of flats that have been your trusty go-tos for the last two years? They don’t have to be done anytime soon. In regard to waterproofing, it’s better late than never, but if you just bought a fresh pair of sneakers or dress shoes, apply waterproofer immediately. There are plenty of affordable waterproofing solutions that are spray on and will work miracles in regard to the longevity of your shoes. When you purchase a new product, it’s always a good idea to spray it on a paper towel and apply it somewhere on the shoe that won’t be seen too readily. Once you’re sure the product works correctly with the material of your shoe, feel free to treat the materials so no drop will harm it.

Shop Odor Zapper

One of the main ways to ensure your shoes don’t end the good days before their time is by keeping the smell in check. Besides, wouldn’t you rather everyone believe that your tootsies smell like a basket of oranges than like foot odor? Shop our products now to find the perfect scent for your shoes, and keep up on our blog for more tips and tricks to help your shoes go the extra mile.