If you’re an athlete, nothing is better than sliding on that brand new pair of sneakers. They hug your foot, the massage your heel as you move, and they’re as light as a cloud to keep you agile during your workouts and activity. A new pair of shoes is a special treat, but they get ruined quickly by that smell that they all accrue. Sometimes it happens faster than you’d ever expect, and one day you’ll slide your foot eagerly into your sneakers and huff of stink will puff out when your heel enters the shoe. So what causes sneaker odor and how do you neutralize smelly running shoes? To understand how to handle removing foot smell, you’ll have to understand how smelly trainers get stinky in the first place.

Sowing The Seed Of Smelly Running Shoes

Whether or not you run or just kick around in your tennies, they’ll eventually start to stink like smelly running shoes. No one wants to have to worry about transferring their foot smell from their sneakers onto their carpet, so how does this problem even begin? The medical term for stinky feet is “bromodosis” and it’s essentially a part of life. While you’re exercising, your feet get hot as the blood rushes there with every impact of your foot and every heartbeat. Thus, your feet start to sweat in order to cool down the skin and keep it supple and flexible. That odorous smell that is specifically associated with feet originates from the sheer number of sweat glands on your feet. There are more sweat glands on your feet than anywhere else on your body and they secrete all the time, unlike all of the rest of your sweat glands. The bacteria on your feet start to break down all of that sweat that your feet are constantly producing and that rich, cheesy yet bitter scent of the foot is the smell of the sweat decomposing on your skin and poisoning your sneakers.

The Origins of Smelly Tennis Shoes

Although we’re sure you’re at least aware of how the sweat accumulates and decomposes on your skin, you probably aren’t entirely certain of how you can handle that foot odor on a day-to-day basis. One of the main causes of stinky shoes is the simple act of wearing those shoes on a daily basis. That gives all that sweat, slowly decomposing, the chance to drive into the very fibers of your favorite new shoes and make them smell like a dog’s butt. However, if they get enough time to dry out in between usages, they might last longer. Bathing is another big factor. If you’re already covered in sweat and then slide into your new shoes without sufficiently washing your tootsies up on daily basis, you’re probably putting them at a disadvantage as to how long they’ll be able to last for you. If you’re concerned about your teen’s new sneakers lasting very long or if you’re pregnant you can certainly expect that foot smell to accrue faster than it would otherwise because of the strange hormonal imbalances that are currently happening. Additionally, if you’re stressed you’re going to sweat more in general, which means that your feet won’t waste any time breaking those shoes in for you.

Smelly Shoe Cure

To begin, it all goes back to hygiene. While that won’t entirely prevent your shoes getting smelly, it will prevent them from getting smellier faster. If you avoid wearing your shoes more than 2 days in a row and you’re sure to wash your feet every day and dry them thoroughly, getting in between the toes where bacteria like to live and fester, then you’ll have a fighting chance of keeping those sneakers fresher longer. A great way to ensure that your child’s favorite runners don’t decay faster than normal is to buy two of the same kind. If they find a pair they really love, it’s a great idea to stock up on those, especially if they’ve already settled on a shoe size. This way they’ll be able to switch out pairs of shoes more easily while still staying active and participating in their favorite sports of exercise activity. Investing in cotton or wool socks and wearing a fresh pair every day will definitely result in the longevity of your shoes. But what about when your shoes get inevitably older and get invaded with that powerful and undesirable smell?

Invest In Odor Zapper

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