Hormones are a weird animal, and predicting what they’re going to do, when they’re going to balance out and when they’re going to spike can be a little difficult. Even more mysterious is how they’re going to affect you. Will you suddenly get a bunch of acne? Will your armpits smell like cheese for some unexplained reason? Or will you just feel like you’ve been hit by a train for a couple weeks? As a woman, you may have really unpredictable hormones and that could be affecting strange things from your acne to your sweat production. So do certain hormone fluxes make your shoes stinkier faster?  In short, probably, but there’s more to it than that.

Hormones and Sneaker Odor

If you’re having issues smelling fresh after a shower, whether you’re a man or a woman, it might be a hormone imbalance that’s causing these issues. Hormones have a huge role in the chemical changes in your body throughout the day. They control everything from hair growth to how you feel in reaction to certain things that happen to you. In fact, they play a huge part in how your brain chemistry is adjusting. This plays an especially important part for women who are going through menopause but are still trying to remain active. We’re sure you’ve heard of the inconvenience and health problems associated with hot flashes. Those occur because of how the hypothalamus is affected by estrogen during menopause. The hypothalamus is the portion of your brain that controls the body temperature and because of the sudden lack of estrogen associated with menopause, the hypothalamus will occasionally interpret that the body is overheating suddenly, when it’s not at all. Thus, you’ll start to sweat in order to cool the body down and that includes your feet.

Additionally, menopause and other hormone imbalances for both sexes are known to cause stress. This stress in-turn causes people to sweat. You may also attribute some symptoms of depression to hormonal fluxes which can be combated by working out. On top of stress, hormonal imbalances can often cause weight gain which means your body will get hotter faster and start to cool down by sweating because of this.

Hormone Fluxes in Teens

Teenagers are known for living very full, and sometimes stressful lifestyles as they go through similar hormone fluxes. With tons of after-school programs for kids to participate in like drama club and other activities, their time gets taken up quickly, leaving very little time for the proper amount of sleep and maintaining healthy grades. While it’s a great way to teach life balance to the growing kids, it might mean that their sneakers end up not lasting as long as you’d expect. In addition to the listed issues above that cause the body to stress more, teenagers are experiencing that all the time as their bodies develops. So even if they somehow manage to live a stress-free lifestyle, those sweat glands will still be pumping at a higher rate than the average person is. However, in combination with the stress and the constant exercise that most teens do, you’ll find that teenagers are possibly the smelliest variety of human being you can find. So how do you combat stinky sneakers?

Invest in Foot Bacteria Killer

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