1. Odor Zapper’s Advice: How to Make Your Shoes Last Longer ( Part 2)

    Welcome back to Odor Zapper’s blog! If you caught our previous entry that focused on making your shoes last longer, we’re here to expand on that list of tips and tricks. While water and weatherproofing are fairly straightforward, there’s a whole host of variables that can knock your shoes off their game pretty quickly. Learning how to combat those as they jump out of the box is essentially t…Read More

  2. Odor Zapper’s Advice: How to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

    Shoes are truly a key part of your wardrobe in more ways than the obvious one. Yes, they are the barrier between your feet and everything lingering on the pavement, but they’re also a style statement, they can make your day extra comfortable or extra uncomfortable, and they’re known for differentiating us among our peers. If you’re curious as to what a pair of shoes can do for your athletic …Read More

  3. How To Find The Perfect Running Shoe Part 2

    Welcome back to the Odor Zapper blog! If you caught our previous article, we discussed the finer points of how you’ll know when your running shoes are in need of a reboot and how to go about the refitting process. Finding the perfect running shoe is a crucial part of keeping your fitness levels high and enjoying physical activity. The shoe is such a crucial portion of a workout, especially if yo…Read More

  4. How To Find The Perfect Running Shoe

    As an athlete, your main tool is your pair of running shoes. Ensuring that you have a solid base to work on for your shoes is the same as an artist with a properly stretched canvas in that the rest is up to you. Don’t let a bad shoe limit your performance potential. The Odor Zapper Guide Odor Zapper cares about our customers, including the athletes that use our products to make their favorite pa…Read More

  5. What Your Sneaker Odor and Other Body Odor Says About You

    On hot days, or during stressful periods of your life, you might end up being a touch more odorous than you’re usual well-kept self-tends to be. And while this isn't the best case scenario, taking time to analyze and sometimes letting those odors interact might improve your quality of life. There are many ways to use the smell of your body sweat to understand your health and even interact with o…Read More

  6. Will Certain Hormonal Fluxes Make Your Shoes Stink

    Hormones are a weird animal, and predicting what they’re going to do, when they’re going to balance out and when they’re going to spike can be a little difficult. Even more mysterious is how they’re going to affect you. Will you suddenly get a bunch of acne? Will your armpits smell like cheese for some unexplained reason? Or will you just feel like you’ve been hit by a train for a couple…Read More